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Best low cost Nintendo DS, DSi, DSi XL and 3DS compatible game rom backup and console jailbreak device. Nintendo DSTT also known as NDSTT.com flash cards are used to play free DS ROMS on the dual-screen consoles.

• Nintendo DS Slot-1 interface, built-in boot function, can boot games from Slot-2 GBA flash cartridge on NDS and DS Lite consoles.
• Supports clean DS ROMs, no need to patch games using computer software, 100% RomSet game compatibility.
• microSD and micro SDHC - fully compatible, all sizes up to maximum of 4TB capacity (4096 GB bytes).
• Hardware interface to take advantage of SDHC high-speed transmission, support any manufacturer and brand and speed microSD card, to prevent in game slow downs for loading.
• Direct save game file storage to the SD card, no battery memory, never loose a save game file.
• DSTT card will automatically identify the game archive type, You do not need to update the archive library.
• DSTT has a built-in Action Replay and Goldfinger cheat support, editable library for new game roms.
• No extra power requirements for the console. Effective micro-power design of the chip means that power is used effectively and you get the same DS gameplay times as you would have with a genuine original Nintendo cartridge.

About DSTT

This nice slot 1 solution has featured under different names, such as Ncard, MK5, Ultra Flashpass, DS Fire, Neo Flash, Express Card and other. They are all basically the same so for the ease of reference I will further call it MK5. With this Slot 1 kit you can play ROMs, homebrew, listen to MP3, watch movies, pictures and so on. The only potential drawback is the limited size; however it is compensated by big internal memory (8Gbit to 64 Gbit; currently the largest size available is 16Gbit) and the really great price. Let’s have a closer look at MK5.

Here is the official feature list:

  • Supports clean ROMs (simply drag and drop – no patching required)
  • Large internal memory (from 8Gbit to 64Gbit)
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • USB disk function (compatible with any operation system)
  • Build in the latest MoonShell (v1.5) and upgradeable
  • Support homebrew
  • Build in SMS Multi-Save function plus Auto Save
  • Upgradeable menu
  • Multi-ROM support and media play support
  • MK5 Turbo Engine (100% game speed without any slowdown)
  • Built in PassMe

NDSTT Packaging and card

The MK5 is delivered in a typical cardboard box with a carton tray holding 4 items. The packaging is nothing special, but decent. Items included: 

  • Slot 1 card (16GByte)
  • USB v2.0 cable
  • DS Linker Writer
  • Installation disk

The card is made of good quality plastic and looks smooth. It is the same size as original Nintendo cards, so it perfectly fits into console. The USB v2.0 cable is a bit short. The packaging also includes a CD with manual; however I would suggest visiting the manufacturer’s website to download the latest files.

dstt flash card icon

NDSTT card installation

First plug the MK5 into Slot1, then put the Linker Writer into Slot 2, then connect the USB cable to the Linker Writer and also to your PC (there have been warnings not to use hubs, but in my case it worked just fine). Then turn on the DS and you will see the regular boot menu. You must manually select MK5 (unfortunately it does not boot automatically). Once you have uploaded ROMs on the card you can unplug the writer. You can load whatever you want to see on your card. MK5 also comes preloaded with Moonshell 1.6 and DSOrganize and both are patched with DLDI drivers, so you will be able to playback video files.
GUI is not too pretty to be honest. The top screen displays game information such as ROM name, file size etc. There is also a help file describing how to back up saves or use PassMe. The bottom screen displays card’s capacity, date and time. The centre is for icons of games loaded on the card. Icon style can be changed and also background is skinnable. There is also a multiple save support for NDS ROMs.


MK5 was tested with many ROMs and provides superb 100% compatibility. It was fascinating – everything I threw at it worked without a glitch. Not so well with homebrew, where compatibility was approximately 80%. I particularly tested.

Extra features


  • Superb clean ROM compatibility
  • Good homebrew compatibility
  • Great price
  • 16Gbit Memory
  • Touch screen option
  • Multiple save option
  • PassMe option
  • Low power consumption
  • DLDI support


  • Slow file transfer speed
  • Unattractive GUI
  • Available in one colour

To summarize the above: MK5 is a decent reasonably priced slot-1 card practically for anything you need – playing Nintendo DS ROMs, NDS homebrew, watching movies, jpg gif pictures, reading e-Books. The design is a bit unattractive and rough e.g. the GUI is not pretty, also MK5 does not boot automatically, however you do not have to deal with MicroSD cards. What is very good is the price and the fact the card does all it is designed for. Check it out yourself ndstt.com.

◇ 100% SDHC TF and standard TF compatibility up to 4TB(4096GB) memory space.
◇ High speed SDHC. Supports any TF card speed with no lag
◇ Supports cheat and edit the code base.

DSTTi Introduction

◇ The advanced version of DSTT, TTi & DSTTi for DSi/DSL/DS
◇ The product has unique hardware serial number, which can be read and display by kernel menu

Obtain files
Supports multimedia files,or
Homebrew of any size

Copy files
Directly Drags and drops all files into
the memory disk from Computer

Run app/movies
Plugs and plays

No.1 NDS Flash Card from NDSTT | R4 3DS